Michael & Peggy

When we first started our landscaping project we thought we knew what we wanted.  Truth is we really didn’t.  When we met with Gio, from Bella Tera Landscaping, he listened to our wants and wishes.  Little did we know how much went into the planning.  When we saw the presentation that Gio did for us we saw everything we had wanted plus more.  EVERY detail was taken into consideration.  We were so grateful to have an entire plan presented to us showing the irrigation plan, the lighting plan, the drainage plan,  and with the help of a certified horticulturist,who worked with Bella Tera, we had the perfect planting plan.  Our designer also helped us select a contractor who he has worked with and we were in for the most wonderful experience of transformation for our landscaping.  The plans were followed by everyone who worked on the project and the workers were talented and diligent about their work.  My husband and I are so amazed at the entire transformation of both our front and back yard.  Everything is beautiful and now we have our own peaceful oasis to enjoy each and every day.  Even when Gio had presented us with the plans we continue to call him with questions, and he was always there to answer and even come to our home several times to ensure all was being done to plan..  We can say enough about our relationship with Bella Tera Landscaping.  We would highly recommend Gio and the Bella Tera staff for your projects.  You won’t be disappointed.