Adding Curb Appeal to your Inland Empire Area Home

Image of a front yard - Curb appeal - Landscape designEvery realtor in the Inland Empire (or anywhere else for that matter) will tell you that there are 3 key things that are necessary for every home to have: Curb appeal, a great looking and functional bathroom and kitchen. With these you can set the tone for the entire house as well as the price.

When thinking of that first impression you should look to the curb appeal. The front yard layout, colors and how it complements the home will have a huge impact on your property’s curb appeal; after all, it is the first thing a visitor sees when pulling in to your driveway. Having a great curb appeal can also help the homeowner have that “sigh of appreciation” every time you come home from the daily grind!

The extra perk: Neighbors will admire and appreciate a great curb appeal because this not only brings up your property value… but theirs as well.

The Cascading effects

You don’t have to be the belle of the ball of your street but a clean yard layout is a little contagious. We find that when our landscape design clients improve the appearance of their front yards, many neighbors quickly follow suit. This cascading effect can, in many cases, bring a sense of pride in one’s neighborhood and can even get people talking across the fence.

With A few simple elements introduced to our yards and gardens you can instantly have that much needed wow factor.

Entry Ways

Walking in between vehicles on our driveways or even worse, walking on our lawns to get to the front door are big no no’s. A simple walkway gives our home a functional entry access way and immediate curb appeal. When company arrives entering the front door becomes a much more overall enjoyable experience.

The style and feel of the home will help determine material and color selections. Concrete, pea gravel, flagstone and pavers are a few options to choose from. While the sidewalk or path does not necessarily need to be expensive to look great, it can be that little thing that really says that you care about the look of your Inland Empire Home.

Planter beds

Annuals and perennials added throughout our front yard bring instant amazing pop of color. Whether flanking the entry way or under windows, planter beds help soften the appearance of the home. As with entry walk ways, the overall style of the home and garden design will dictate plant options.

Organic shapes and mounded planter beds are very easy to create and add texture and elevation play to our yards.

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Image of a water feature - Curb appeal - Landscape designWater Features

A wow factor element that can be added to our front yards is a water feature. Whether it is a prefab unit or something custom built, having the sight and sound of cascading water adds an instant focal item to our gardens. The design experts at Bella Terra always recommend a pondless water feature. Something like a bubbling urn or a natural boulder water fall, for example, over an underground catch basin. With a pondless water feature it will help eliminate stagnant water which, in turn, greatly reduces algae, unpleasant odors and most importantly mosquitos.

NOTE: Don’t get a water feature just to have one. Because a water feature can be a focal point of a nice landscaped yard it should be well throughout and placed properly. Just “sticking one in the yard” just to say you have one can actually make the yard look cluttered. Carefully think about the location and style before adding.


Some of the showcase homes found in the landscaping magazines of an Inland Empire area home have a beautiful vista orchestrated by properly laid out trees. Trees are a very underused and under rated elements in our front yards with some landscapers pulling them out however, most don’t realize that large trees not only look fantastic when placed in focal areas; but also add property value to our home. Trees can help scale the house to our yards, provide shade, assist in privacy and help secure the lawn when those heavy rains come. Now we are not talking about planting a forest in the front yard, but by adding a few focal trees it will certainly will bring much curb appeal.

From a Blank Canvas to a Masterpiece

At Bella Terra Landscape Design, we hope that these few elements discussed will help shed light on what can be implemented into your front yards and gardens to help improve your home’s curb appeal.

We utilize our years of design experience to produce a landscape design plan that exceeds your expectations. Beginning with a tour and discussion of the Inland Empire area yard we can create, in detail, a landscape design that will transform your backyard into an extension of your Inland Empire home. When choosing to have professional landscape services done, be sure to start with a competent design by a design team that has a methodical mindset. We take a blank canvas and enter in the individual desires of our clients to create a masterpiece.

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