Bright Ideas for Outdoor Landscape Lighting

When you are looking to create the ultimate backyard getaway for your Inland Empire area home, many features come into play. We naturally want a beautiful yard, but one that is functional as well. We desire to have a good curb appeal, but desire to have a low maintenance situation that make our lives just a little bit easier. At the end of the day you want to achieve a yard that makes you proud of your home.

Part of this, as mentioned above, is functionality. Having the appropriate landscape lighting will not only help bring a level of beauty and sophistication to your Inland Empire area home; but increase its functionality. Check out this useful article on bright ideas for outdoor landscape lighting.

Showcase and Security

We all know that adding colorful plants, textures and centerpiece attractions such as water features can help to set the stage for your beautiful Inland Empire area home landscape. However, as evening comes upon us, so does the ability to showcase your beautiful landscape; this is where landscape lighting comes into play.

Lighting your home and garden not only provides security, but also allow you to showcase and enjoy your yard every day and into the night. It is such a great feeling to arrive come home at night to see your house properly illuminated. Plus the added security of lighting, both your home and garden, is a great deterrent for those that may want to sneak in unawares.

With New Technology Comes Better Options

With the further development of low voltage lighting options that allow the average home owner to install anything from a basic setup to an elaborate system with multiple zones and colors; it brings greater options than what was available just a few years ago.

Outdoor halogen bulb lights are a thing of the past. Today LED bulbs are the way to go, being they are much more affordable and vastly available to the masses; not to mention that utilizing LED lighting will naturally save electricity and money. With many box stores (Lowe’s, Home Depot) offering outdoor LED lighting options for your home and garden, competition has helped to keep the prices low. When you add some newer technologies such as remotes, color changing capability and light sensing features; you’ll find the prices start going back up. When you consider that choices range from standard white LED lights to lights that can change color and brightness based upon conditions or choices, you can see that the only limitations are your imagination and budget limit.

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Building on the Basics

When it comes to designing outdoor lighting for your Inland Empire area home it should always begin with the basics. Softly Illuminate steps and walkways for safety then spotlight focal point trees for an instant change in the appearance of your home and garden. Consider using a combination of both soft and spotlight lighting to create an ambient mood or tone for your Inland Empire area home.

From there everything else is a bonus. At Bella Terra landscape design, we enjoy down lighting the front façades of our client’s homes by placing fixtures behind the eves of and pointing them down to illuminate and showcase the home. This adds immediate security, curb appeal and that amazing wow factor.

There are lighting fixtures that will showcase lower planting material, cast shadows up against walls and some will illuminate water features from the inside; allowing you to enjoy water fall effects by day and the call me illuminated mood of serenity at night.

Adding Features to Function

Outdoor Landscape lighting is powered by an outdoor transformer. This is a power unit that plugs into a standard 110 outlet. Most come with, at the very least, a timer clock to control what time the lights turn on and off; however, many now come with a photo cell that allows the fixtures to turn on automatically as soon as the sun goes down and it becomes dark. For those that like all of the extra bells and whistles that are out there, Bluetooth transformers provide the additional ability to control your outdoor landscape lighting for your Inland Empire area home with your cell phone, tablets or even our voice operated.

With Bluetooth technology so readily available creating outdoor lighting scenarios to different areas of the yard is a snap. Utilizing smart technology, with a press of a button or a simply voice command, it is possible to illuminate different areas or zones of the home or garden. Imagine one control button or voice phrase turning off all lights except for a few path and step lights that leads to the hot tubs for a romantic or relaxing evening!

The Careful Conclusion

We spend a lot of time and money to beautify our yards for our entertaining or showcasing purposes. Adding outdoor lighting to our landscape will enhance and extend our capabilities to entertain and show off the beautiful landscape that you’ve worked so hard to perfect. When integrating further technology into your outdoor landscape lighting, you bring a high level of style and sophistication to your Inland Empire area home that will make your home the talk of the next gathering. With just a small budget and a lot of creativity, you can create outdoor lighting options to really brighten up your landscape; and when you integrate landscape lighting into different zones of your home and garden it takes the functionality to the next level.

The Right Look Starts with the Right Design

At Bella Terra Landscape Design, we utilize our years of design experience to produce a landscape design plan that exceeds your expectations. Beginning with a tour and discussion of the Inland Empire area yard we can create, in detail, a landscape design that will transform your backyard into an extension of your Inland Empire home. When choosing to have professional landscape services done, be sure to start with a competent design by a design team that has a methodical mindset. This mindset will provide the path to perfection for your Inland Empire area home.

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