Water restrictions keeping your lawn from looking great? – Check this out!

While the landscape of the Inland Empire area lends itself to beautiful views, rich culture and diversity of features it also presents a unique set of challenges unlike anywhere else. One of these unique challenges is the consistency of irrigation that we have available to us. Those of us who have called the Inland Empire area home for many years have become accustomed to living in the warmer climate where droughts and watering restrictions exist, hence the challenge; how can we have a beautiful, consistent lawn with these types of water restrictions?

Because of these water restrictions, large plush grass areas are not an option; so, we need to get creative: enter synthetic turf.

Now I know what you are thinking, and quite frankly, I thought that way to. I, like many, for several years have been anti “fake grass”. Not only did it feel horrible when walking on it bare foot, but it also looked like a giant green carpet. Just like many of the innovations that we have revealed in the different articles and information on our website, synthetic turf has also come a long way.

Let’s look at a few things that might make you consider synthetic turf is a viable option for your Inland Empire area home once again.

Let’s Get Real

Long gone are the days of an obviously fake and plastic looking lawn. Today there are some fantastic options to choose from for your Inland Empire area home. There are triple color blends, for example, that even look like they are in need of a bit of water. Brown thatching has also been implemented that really give these new turf options a great natural look.

Longer blades are also available now that give the turf a more realistic look and feel. Speaking of feel, heat repellents are now used so that the turf does not burn our tender feet in the hotter months.

The Pet Puddle Problem

With the old days of artificial turf, the issues with cleaning up after our furry friends was enough to make you want to rip the turf out by hand! However, the same clever people that put research into the better aesthetics and features of synthetic turf had our furry friends in mind as well. When properly installed, synthetic turf is built upon a base that allows for the absorption and dispersal of rain and… urine.

If you are going to be looking at more than an occasional mess, such as those Inland Empire area homes that would regularly have pets use the artificial turf as their bathroom, then specialty disinfectant pellets and drainage patches are available to keep your synthetic turf looking, and smelling, great.

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Cost for Installation

Just because synthetic turf is a viable option for those of us that live in the inland Empire area, that doesn’t mean it’s super cheap. Careful consideration should be given as to how long you intend to have the synthetic turf as your primary or secondary surface in your landscape.

Even though the process for installation of synthetic turf has been standardized within the industry, bringing down costs, it still requires multiple layers of sediment and material as well as the labor to install. Naturally the larger the area, the greater the cost.

Mix and Match Methods

Just like any good landscape design when you mix and match materials rather than utilizing one material over a large area, you can create an eye pleasing landscape that will become the envy of your Inland Empire area home. Rather than installing a large area of synthetic turf, consider using the synthetic turf to accent brick or paver stones to create an elegance and tranquil environment that is not only easy on the eyes, but extremely low maintenance as well.


Now we have a very realistic option when dealing with droughts and watering restriction challenges. With options like synthetic turn and creative landscaping you can keep your Inland Empire home looking great and save money on water and maintenance! All we need now is a way for someone to have that synthetic turf have freshly mowed lawn smell.

The Right Look Starts with the Right Design

At Bella Terra Landscape Design, we utilize our years of design experience to produce a landscape design plan that exceeds your expectations. Beginning with a tour and discussion of the Inland Empire area yard we can create, in detail, a landscape design that will transform your backyard into an extension of your Inland Empire home. When choosing to have professional landscape services done, be sure to start with a competent design by a design team that has a methodical mindset. This mindset will provide the path to perfection for your Inland Empire area home.

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