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Why do I need landscape design plans?

Let Us help you paln your next project - Landscape design in the Inland Empire  areaWhen considering professional landscaping for your Inland Empire area home you might have called a few landscape and hardscape companies only for them to ask if you have had a landscape design plan created yet? Then you started thinking… “Why do I need landscape design plans? I mean… I know what I like and I know what I want; so why bother putting it into an elaborate plan?”

Like most things in life, implementing something with a plan makes the process simpler. Whether planning a wedding, remodeling a kitchen or building a house addition, having a design to follow helps in many ways.

The Bella Terra Team consists of Hardscape designers, horticulturists, irrigation, drainage and lighting experts assuring a professional process which will expertly guide you through the proper steps to achieve the landscape of your dreams.

This article we will identify some of the reasons why you should consider having a professionally landscaped design plan created.

Getting everyone on the same page

You have a vision; a vision that you may have been crafted from a beautiful place you visited, magazine article or from the neighbor across the street. No matter the inspiration it’s important to make sure that you are expressing your vision correctly to the company that will be crafting your vision. By creating a landscape design plan for your Inland Empire area home it will eliminate doubt and uncertainty regarding the landscaper’s interpretation of your vision. By laying out a comprehensive landscape design plan you avoid missing or forgetting something in your projects installation that may end up costing more later or even regretting the end result… THAT is a tough pill to swallow.

There is no better way to assure you, your family and the landscape company are on the same page, literally, without having something drawn out for approval. Plus by giving contractors in the Inland Empire area a plan to properly bid off of is immeasurable. The only way to receive a true “apples to apples” comparison is to make sure they are all looking at the same information.

As a matter of scope, if it is a large scale project or simply a matter of budgetary restraints, being able to attack a project in sections or phases is only really possible if you have a scaled plan to section and work off.

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Having a plan ensures that your project turns out like you pictured it - Landscape design in the Inland Empire areaLocation, location, location

The Hardscape designers, horticulturists, irrigation, drainage and lighting experts at Bella Terra will help you focus your landscape design based upon some thought provoking questions that are steeped in experience, such as:

  • Where is the best place to locate my pool?
  • Should I use a Fire pit or fireplace?
  • What direction does the wind blow across my yard and how will it affect my BBQ placement?
  • What direction does the sun set in relationship to my deck?
  • What trees will not make a mess or give me root issues over the years?
  • What materials are best to walk barefoot around my pool?
  • Will the water properly drain when it rains?
  • Is there proper lighting?
  • Does the budget match the vision?

These are some of the practical questions and issues that having a proper landscape design will answer and address.

Price vs. Reality

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen the gorgeous magazine picture of landscaped home and want the same for our Inland Empire home. However, reality is many of those landscape designs were made with an unlimited budget, something that is usually… unavailable. Naturally budgeting is a huge factor in the design process. Running preliminary construction costs through planning is vital. This will ensure the project is realistically obtainable or determine if phase work is necessary. In the end having a proper landscape design plan should spare you from any unnecessary headaches as well as providing you with piece of mind that the project will be installed in the correct sequence with the best possible combination of materials, colors and functionality. 

The Final Product: Perfection.

At Bella Terra Landscape Design we strive to produce a design plan that serves all of these purposes. We begin with creating a layout of the Inland Empire area yard that best suits your family’s needs. Proper space planning is followed by strategically choosing materials and finishes that best compliment your home’s colors and style. Next we select all of the plant material that best introduce vibrancy with color and texture to the property. Irrigation, drainage and lighting schematics follow suit meticulously detailing what materials are needed and where they are to be placed.

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